Web-based questionnaire system for ÚZEI

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For the ÚZEI (Department of Agricultural Economics and Informatics) we have delivered a modern web-based system for collecting data about organic farming through electronic questionnaires.

Main features

The system is used primarily for collecting information about organic agriculture in the Czech Republic. The application is designed for administrators and inspectors of ÚZEI monitoring organizations. Inspectors enter the data through a web interface from office, but also from the field during the inspections of organics farms.

The system provides many useful features that make working with questionnaires easier and more efficient:
  • automatic input data validating,
  • sophisticated questionnaires workflow (sent, approval, archived and saving unfinished concepts),
  • messages and the methodologies for inspectors (automatic reminders for important information directly in the interface),
  • discussions with administrators connected to questionnaires,
  • exports of selected data for additional batch processing,
  • statistics.

Web interface

Web interface - completing the questionnaire

Web interface - statistics