System for complex project management.


  • Database of workers and sub-project works
  • Complex management of work plan (including the projection of weekends, holidays, planned vacations)
  • Automatically processed plans
    • Project plan
    • Schedule of workers
    • Monitoring workers load
  • Immediate reflection of the changes entered
  • Management and visualization of milestones
  • The proposed schedules can be also manually updated and limited
  • The ability to manage multiple variations of schedule (suitable for preparing a presentation for meeting)
  • The application is distributed in two versions - the manager and viewer.
  • Cross platform desktop applications (support for Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly GUI


This license allows you to create project plans. Automatic recalculation right after inserting the request ensures maximal comfort and overview. Application also automatically solves conflicts and missing capacities of the plan. The result is a progress chart of the project in several variants, which can be easily compared. The Manager includes integrated Viewer.


Browser is a tool designed for easy and comfortable browsing of the created plans. It allows to view the project chart, work factor chart and workload charts in all plans created by the manager.

Project plan

Projektový harmonogram

Schedule of workers

Harmonogram prací pracovníků

Monitoring workers load

Sledování vytížení pracovníků
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