Prepared products

Our specialization on modern and innovative solutions led us to realization of several products we have prepared for you.

Respect for the uniqueness of each deployment

It is very important for our possible cooperation, that we do not see the product as a closed package, which will be just delivered to you, but we fully understand the individuality of each project and it’s respective use. That is the reason, why the realization of each product is similar to a custom project in many aspects. The main difference is, that in this case, we can use prepared and tested parts of the product. Realization is therefore verified, simpler, faster and cheaper.

Premium services

Since the deployment of any product we see ultimately as a custom project, we also offer the corresponding services
  • adaptation of the existing part of the solution,
  • development of an entirely new functions,
  • integration with other systems.

Possibility of obtaining source codes

It is possible to acquire an open source code for the specific realization. That way, your company can acquire fast, high quality base structure, which will be realized by your own means. The reasons for this solutions are different
  • highly dynamic environment and frequent changes,
  • complex expert knowledge,
  • sensitive know-how.
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