Our solutions

Since our founding we, along with our partners, managed to finish many interesting projects. We are trying to find new, innovative solution to the problem, focus on modern and progressive technologies, which we apply in proper cases, thus giving our partners significant advantage. We are convinced, that most of them will value it.

Our team is composed of professionals. We respect not just high specialization (many of us are certified) but also proper combination of additional knowledge (for example economical education). We prefer horizontal management over vertical, thus creating inspiring and constructive atmosphere for every realized project.

We can offer huge knowledge (not only) of the following areas:
  • information systems - BPM, current data, workflow, history, work container, automation, controlling, monitoring,
  • multiplatform application - the Java platform, we offer complete solutions working on different platforms on Windows, Linux, Mac,
  • database applications - large scaled systems, templating, versioning, workflow controlling,
  • fulltext searching - complete modern searching solution (relevance, facets, clustering, ...),
  • web applications - modern GUI with AJAX, processing of personal data, blind-friendly webs with high accessibility,
  • offline/online modes - sync, decentralized systems,
  • system integration - web services, java with C++, native libraries,
  • ergonomics and modern design - user-friendly GUI, modern design,
  • professional graphics - website design, logotype desigh, grahic manual.