Multiplatform applications

Java as superplatform

If you do not wish to design your application using the Internet, we can offer you a multiplatform application on Java platform.

Platforms can be:
  • different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac),
  • different devices (personal computer, tablet, PDA, mobile device).
Java platform can deal with both cases - separately or simultaneously.

J2SE - different operating systems

If you need to run your application on various operating systems, the best solution is Java J2SE edition, which runs on most of currently used operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac). The application running on Java "superplatform" allows you to run the application on various operating systems without further costs. This is a significant diference between Java and other platforms, like .NET, which is primarily designed for Windows.

J2ME - mobile devices

If you need to run part of your application on a mobile device, it is possible to create it in J2ME, which allows you to use compatible parts from the main J2SE application. Majority of current mobile devices already support J2ME.
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