Kasvik is a professional solution for all companies focused on software development. It focuses on the process of creating every software – deployment process. Kasvik offers management and automatization, evidence, visualization, monitoring and reporting. This assures complete control over the software on the market. By deploying and using this tool, you gain significant advantage over the competition, which is on today’s IT market very valuable. If you are a customer-oriented company, you will also value significant improvement of the quality in customers‘ eyes.

This product is available in two editions, which differ in view of the execution of contracts.

Project edition

This edition is suited for project oriented companies. Project is considered as individual delivery to the customer. For this reason, this edition is simpler, the solution is always delivered to the customer in one version and configuration. Other functions are not restricted.

Product edition

The highest edition fits even the product oriented companies. The product is viewed as a solution for more customers. That can also be deployed in more versions and configurations. It also contains all functions of the project edition.

Features summary

  • Deployment process control (quality support)
    • Complete control of the movement of the implemented code from developer to production.
    • Clear responsibility of exporting the code from vatious phases (closed test, open test).
    • Centralized and remote control of deployment.
  • Deployment process automation
    • Instant improvement of reliability (elimination of employee mistake – badly copied file, skipping an important step).
    • Time and money saving (no need for solving problems such as corrupted files, deployment of wrong version).
    • Allows to put the software into different phases more often (testing, presentation to the customers).
  • Management and visualization
    • Control over all deployed versions (versions on different platforms, by different customers).
    • Control over all versions of various components and their interactions.
    • Notes – both automatic and hand typed.
    • Configuration charts (components and their interaction).
    • Authorization workflow chart.
    • Release plan (planned functions).
    • Deployment inventory.
  • Monitoring
    • Monitoring system state and components (integration with nagios).
  • Reporting
    • Throughput rate (How many versions won‘t pass trough a pahse - development, testing, internal customer).
    • Time delay (How long will the version stay in the phase).
    • Time delay on workflow (How long will the version stay on workflow – time before approving).
    • Error rate (How many bugs are repaired during the development, testing, how many are found by the customer).

Other services

  • Kasvik Best practices - manual containing tested procedures.
  • Kasvik Consulting – assisted deployment in conjunction with current company processes.
  • Kasvik Launching - installation of the central server slony with preparation of demonstrations and launching scripts.
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