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For company Istima, a. s. we supplied software for organization, management and automated operation of a modern call center with up to 50 operators. We also supplied overall support and consultation in the areas of IT / ICT as part of our participation in the project.


The project was implemented on the eCall platform. The heart of this solution is the robust dialing server that provides automatic management and call switching outwards and inwards call center. It is directly connected to the PBX, which provides VoIP traffic between operators and call center clients.

Specialized user interfaces

Call center is managed though several user interfaces
  • Operator interface
  • Coach interface
  • Administrator interface

Operator interaface

It is intended for the operator and allows fully automated and controlled realization of calls, including specifying call result.

Main features:
  • Secured login for each operator
  • Web interface with global accessibility (requires VoIP connection)
  • Integrated with VoIP (wired or mobile - GSM)
  • Automatic dialing from database of contacts
  • Automatic change between operator's state (dialing, call, order, ...) with accurate elapsed time computing
  • Specifying call result
  • Automatic recording of each call
  • User friendly and easy to use interface
  • Optimized for long-time work of operator
  • Accessibility level AAA and is fully applicable to the majority of visual dysfunction.

Coach interface

Used for supervisoring. It provides (in real time) important information for operational management (coachs).

Main features:
  • Monitoring of operator's actula state (dialing, call, order, ...)
  • Monitoring of operator's elapsed time in current state
  • Monitoring of operator's performance (number of calls, number of orders, success rate, ...)
  • Listen in selected operator in real-time for its monitoring and training

Administrator interface

It allows call center administrative operations. It provides all the information and tools for administrators, HR managers, economists and other call center workers.

Main features:
  • Managing of project, campaigns, contacts, operators, products, categories, product groups ...
  • System reports (number of orders, statistics of called numbers - finished, ready and remainings numbers)
  • Statistics by date, time, operators, numbers, calls, ...
  • Scoring system as the basis for calculating operators benefits
  • Report of all calls with posibility of replaying selected
  • Report of all ordesrs with posibility of replaying any of related call
  • Import contacts from CSV file

Screenshots - operator interface

Operator interface - login

Operator interface - call