Information systems

Business Process Management (BPM)

In each company there are every day business processes such as
  • processing orders,
  • production planning,
  • stock planning,
  • deliveries,
  • processing complaints,
  • processing invoices,
  • and many others.
These processes are often very complicated and undocumented. That leads to frequent errors and loss of responsibility, while only effective processes can be an advantage over competition. In the other case, they will be your weak point. Management, optimalization, automatization and transparency of these processes is a direct way to superior, faster and cheaper production of everything in your company. The task of BPM are these four duties - Management, optimalization, automatization and transparency of company processes.

Benefits of realization

We’ll design an integrated information system, which will allow you to exactly manage and observe actual processes in your company. You will also have the posibility to analyse the acquired data. That will allow you to plan better and predict the situation for optimalization purposes. We will help you with interpretation of the data as well.

Good information system should give you both actual and historical data, instant overview of currently progressing tasks, proper automatization and monitoring of important processes.
  • Online actual data
    • Employees can observe certain data and their conjunction without asking others.
    • It is possible to open up some information for your customers (for example information about the orders).
  • Complete history (liability)
    • It is possible to save entire history of each observed process.
    • The history can be very exact – It will display all changes including the time of the ebeny and person who did it.
    • It is possible to selectively open up the history for your customers (entirely or only parts).
  • Current work container
    • Each employee has always instant and actual overview of tasks that he has to do or are concerning him in any way.
    • If any change is made, it is centrally displayed to everyone. It is not necessary to ask multiple employees and write the changes down.
    • Superiors can immediately control all employees.
  • Central registry
    • … is very good base for further optimalization of company processes and resources.
    • It is possible to quickly acquire exact numbers and conjunctions (which part of realization is the most problematic, what is the average time of delivery, per cent of orders returned from one customer).
  • Automation
    • Many processes can be autimatized – after confirmation of the order it is automatically included in the production plan and resource purchase plan.
    • Automatization not only pares time of employees, but also prevents many errors.
  • Monitoring
    • The progress of all processes is easy to monitor and it is possible to define their deadline – after this time it is possible to remund this as well as inform the superior.


We realize, that final implementation of the information system is important part of the entitě project. It is necessary to integrate it not just internally – tutoring the employees, setting up the interface, but also externally – feedback on customers and suppliers. Both of these are standart part of the order.
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