Graphic manual

CID (Corporate Identity), Corporate style

Corporate identity is very important visual way, how the company introduces itself to the potential customers. It is mostly composed of logo with definition of how it is gong to be used on company’s stationery and advertising materials. Logo is it’s most important and undetachable part. It is the face of your company, representing it and telling what it has to offer. Logo is the pillar of copany style and from the logo are derived fonts and colors. The entire visual style of the company together is defined in the graphic manual.

Graphic manual

Graphic manual exactly determines the appearance of visual and written logo, raster, font, company colors and another binding properties of any presentation. The extension of the manual may vary. It can contain design of advertisment materials, stationery, letters, visiting cards, rubberstamps, wrappers, but also car decals and company wear.

Approved manual is then imperative for the entire company. Employees must use it’s design when creating any new material. Only then will your company have united style and face, which are essential for professional and trustworthy behavior. We offer creating the company logo as well as complete graphic manual. If your company already has a logo, but not the manual, it is possible to create it subsequently, or redesign and improve the current logo.

Company logo

Logo is one of the most used elements (on the Internet, advertising items etc.). High quality logo will differ you from the competition and allows unmistakable identification of your company. We offer high quality, but simple and creative logos, which have well memorable appearance and can be easily recognized from the competitors’ logos. A good brand is the pillar of advertisement. You can leave it’s design to the professionals.
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