Fulltext searching

This product is prepared as well configurable solution for all the needs of full-text search.

Need of search

  • Search of company internal pages, documents and other data
    • Corporate intranet
    • Business database
  • Support for your existing product (integration)
    • Integration via HTTP protocol or Java library


  • Easy smart search - inspired by the "google" search
    • User searches using a few key words
    • User further clarifies his query (facets, clustering)
  • Relevance - results sorted by calculated relevance (score)
  • Facets - results are divided into groups according to the same characteristics - such as type, author, date of document (called faceting)
  • Clusters - the results are automatically clustering in related groups
  • Autocompletion - automatically offered frequently searched terms when entering the key words
  • Cloud - in the cluster there are displayed most frequently searched terms, most frequently searched is largest ones
  • Advanced search - allows you to specify in detail the request before searching (for professional use)
  • Support lemmatization - allows you to search for the lemmas of words (you have to buy a suitable dictionary of words, such as from Lingea)
  • Supported sources
    • Web pages (HTML, XHTML, XML, ...)
    • Documents (PDF, DOC, XLS, ODT, TXT, ...)
    • Databases (MySQL, Oracel, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, ...)
  • Search statistics
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