eCall is a complete software solution for management of corporate telecommunications - especially for a modern call center. It enables easy organization, management and automated operation of all telecommunications.


eCall platform includes the following separate parts:
  • integration module to enable direct connection to the telephone exchange (PBX),
  • dialing module, which is controlling the dialing process in real-time,
  • recording module to enable recording of all realized calls,
  • common database to store all information related to telecommunications,
  • specialized user interfaces to automate and optimize the work of callers,
  • management interface for a complete management, control, supervision and evaluation of all activities.

The aim of the solution

The solution is particularly suitable for modern call centers and all companies in which telecommunications is an important part of their business processes. It is often used in the integration of corporate telecommunications and CRM systems.

Turnkey solution

We can offer the whole solution including complete hardware (PBX, phones, computers, headsets, ...). The advantage is the use of practices proven components.


Integration to other information systems. Integration with other systems is realy easy. There are the web services or integration by common database tables.

Connection to telephone exchange (PBX). At this moment the product goes mainly with products of company 2N, but the platform is ready for integration with other manufacturers (contact us asking for a specific manufacturer).